Here goes everything – The 2018 Midterm Elections

Election day is TOMORROW! We will be with you Tuesday night as the polls close to break it down and tell you whether to prepare for Trump’s Impeachment or the Handmaid’s Tale.

Seth Blair has an important message for our viewers about Tuesday.
Brian Forster is gonna tell us about a minor issue that is all the rage with the Right.

And you’ve heard about the very dangerous caravan filled with pedophiles, rapists, cheaters, and traitors, it’s a really angry mob, you might say, and it is headed to the election polls to vote Republican.

We’ll talk about all that, Trump’s election push, the Democrat’s chances, and so much more on this week’s Cup of Joe Politics Podcast.

The Kavanaugh Kerfuffle, Mushrooms, and the Trade War Wages On

Stormy just got personal with Trump! Joe talks about the death of Compassionate Conservatism. Brian takes us deeper into the Chinese Trade War. And Seth brings us the Top 5 Fun Facts of the Week. Plus all the updates you need to catch up from this crazy week! Grab a Cup and Listen Up!

How does a country go from electing a brilliant, caring, very sincere African American as President, and then replace him with a stupid, sexist, white supremacist pig. It’s almost as if another country sabotaged us.

FIRST, Compassionate Conservatism is dead. Joe tells you why.

SETH has your Top 5 Fun Facts of the week, including science and international and domestic politics.

BRIAN takes us deeper into the Chinese trade war and how tariffs are affecting the global trade environment.

Grab a Cup and Listen Up!