Meet the Mueller Meltdown – It’s here!

Fires, the First Amendment, Hope for Bipartisanship, Senate Games, and more!

Lindsey Graham once said if the Republicans nominated Trump they would get destroyed. They’re certainly on their way.

Trump is talking bipartisanship, is it possible? Seth Blair will give us the answer. The Republicans control the Senate. For now. Brian Forster will tell us which members of the GOP we have to watch for.

Plus, and I say this every week, the press is not the enemy of the people. Journalists are under attack and the White House is the biggest reason why. So Grab a Cup & Listen Up!

Kavanaugh’s Confirmation: The Fallout and the Effect on the 2018 Midterms

Thank you for listening to the Cup of Joe Politics Podcast on October 8th, 2018 hosted by Joe Aguiar, joined as always by Seth Blair and Brian Forster.

Kavanaugh's Confirmation: The Fallout and the Effect on the 2018 Midterms
Susan Collins solidified the vote for then Judge, now Justice Kavanaugh. What does Dr. Ford think as Trump congratulates Susan Collins?

The NY Times dropped a bombshell report about tax fraud by the Trump family dating back to the President’s father Fred, who didn’t just give his son a small $1 million dollar loan. Trump actually got $400 Million from his dad. All I got from my dad was morals, values, and manners.. and told to alway tell the truth. Seth will tell us what the NY Times is investigating and what it means for the president.

When Sarah Sanders was asked about the president viciously mocking Dr Ford being sexually assaulted and she responded.. “Everything he said was factually true.” It’s wasn’t.
How is Sarah Sanders, whose father is Mike Huckabee and whose brother murdered a dog, still the worst person in her family? Brian Forster will give us a look into the future of the swing vote Senators.. who all knew how they were voting before the limited FBI investigation.

Plus, Lindsay Graham, fresh of his huge victory over survivors of sexual assault, called Brett Kavanaugh the “slut whore drunk” in this rape scenario.. apparently every rape has to have one.. that’s crazy.. because according to the GOP, the women either ask for it or are making false allegations. The Republican Party has hit some new lows.

We’ve got all that and more, on this week’s Cup of Joe Politics Podcast. Grab a Cup and Listen Up!

Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh testify, Republicans React, and NOW the world Laughs at us

Kavanaugh wants a lifetime position as a Supreme Court Justice and he thinks calendars are substantial enough evidence to prove his innocence. That alone should prove why he isn’t fit for the seat.

We’ll get into the testimony and the Republicans ridiculous defense of Kavanaugh with Seth Blair.

And Brian Forster will fill us in, and Trump’s officially the laughing stock of the world, his hilarious UN speech went over well.

Now, a little preview from today’s show…

November 6th is becoming a referendum on whether or not we want accused sexual predators to run the country. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP hired female lawyer Rachel Mitchell to ask questions to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during her hearing so ensure they were asked in a respectful and professional way. They aren’t capable of doing it themselves. The reason he gave is the problem.

We want this hearing to be handled very professionally.. not a political sideshow… which is how they’ve handled the entire situation. They don’t want to get to the truth. Otherwise Mark Judge would be testifying. They want to confirm a slime ball even though the majority of Americans don’t want him on the Supreme Court.

Imagine if you applied for a job and said you can’t see my past records.. you would never get hired. And this is more than a job interview, it’s our country’s future, the very moral fibers of what our children will live with for decades. Transparency in government is never a bad call. Here’s more indefensible, defense today of Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh says the claims against him are “uncorroborated.” Legally speaking, he’s wrong. The claims by at least two women do come with evidence to back them up. For people who aren’t aware of it — and people who are but pretend that they aren’t because it’s bad for their politics — sworn witness statements are evidence.

The failing New York Times published an article a week ago that said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, during a private meeting in the early weeks since taking on the Mueller investigation, suggested that he should wear a wire when talking with Trump and that he should try to build support among Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment to the President. Rosenstein denies the 25th amendment comment, and claims the wiretapping remark was said sarcastically. Predictably, Trump-supporters lost their minds.