Cup of Joe Politics

The Cup of Joe Politics Podcast first began as a way to cope with everything happening around the country and the world in late 2016. As you know, lots happened around the 2016 Presidential Election. First recording just after the election of Donald Trump, the podcast sought to understand more about what’s happening and WHY it’s happening. Focusing on the facts, the Cup of Joe Politics Podcast brings you what really matters. Grab a Cup and Listen Up!

Creator, Writer, & Host, Joe Aguiar

Joe Aguiar teamed up with Seth to form the Cup of Joe Politics Podcast during the heat of the 2016 Presidential Election. A former Republican, Joe’s views on politics are unique and important to us all. Joe approached Seth to start a podcast on what they talked about all the time anyway: Politics. Using facts as the glue to hold the truth of the world together, Joe Aguiar brings you the Cup of Joe Politics Podcast.

Creator, Producer, & Co-Host, Seth Blair

Seth Blair helped create and has been the producer and co-host of the Cup of Joe Politics Podcast since day one. With Joe’s help, Seth has become the guy with hot new ideas and cold, hard facts. His level-headed views steer the conversation back on track and point out important information most of us may miss. Seth runs the board, fires the clips, and edits the recordings for the Cup of Joe Politics Podcast.