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Trump Tower Truth, Alex Jones gets axed, 2018 election updates

The President threw his son under the bus over the Trump Tower meeting, making Bob Mueller’s case look easy.. so the meeting was about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton. We’ll document all the lies about the meeting and the cover up, it’s almost comical.

Brian Forster is going to explain the first amendment as it relates to Alex Jones.. you can’t take away someone’s first amendment rights, can you?

Seth Blair is here and the Republicans are insisting that a win is a win after a very close race in Ohio.. a place Trump won by a landslide in 2016.. the blue wave is coming?

We’ve got all that and we’ll deep dive into the Russia investigation, on this week’s Cup of Joe Politics Podcast.

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Mueller Closes In, Ghost Guns, and Another Stupid Task Force

Let’s put the Russian Hoax, Stormy Daniels, the Obstruction of Justice case for firing FBI Director James Comey, and let’s see what Trump has actually done. He cut taxes for the rich, eliminated taxes that benefit him, ripped up the Paris Accord and the Iran Deal, while legitimizing Kim Jung Un and Putin.

Eliminating common core, investing $550 billion for infrastructure, impose a hiring freeze on federal employees, defund planned parenthood, eliminate gun free zones, allow healthcare deductions from your taxes, cancel funding to sanctuary cities, guarantee 6 week paid leave, close parts of the internet where ISIS is, and develop a plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days, create targeted child care tax credits, expand mental health programs, sue his accusers of sexual misconduct, and of course, build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.

A federal judge just stepped in to to block do-it-yourself directions for untraceable 3D printed guns.

The Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 actually makes it illegal to manufacture any firearm that is not detectable by walk-through metal detectors. To get around it, Cody Wilson put a small bit of steel into the body of his plastic 3d printed gun, which makes it perfectly legal.
And you mentioned these are untraceable. They are, since you make them right from home! Not only that, these can be made undetectable. You could bring these through security pretty much anywhere. And no one would have a clue until the shots started.

Help! We are all under attack! Not by Russia, that phony collusionist Witch Hunt trumped up by the fake news media has been well documented on this show…Not by ISIS either, and certainly not by Intellectualism, with facts and other dangerous assertions…but by our own government’s insistence that we love thy neighbor and treat others with dignity and respect. The horror! The Injustice! Make America Great Again!

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Screw the CIA! Everything is great! Nothing to see here!

Joe Aguiar, Seth Blair, and Brian Forster tell you what matters in the news right now.

Last week, on the show, I said “I would like to see Trey Gowdy get punched in the face. And I’m confused by the reaction, I thought what I said was was very clear, but listening back to the transcript.. my people said I should make a clarification.. so in case it wasn’t obvious, What I meant to say, was that I wouldn’t.. not want to see Trey Gowdy get punched in the face. I hope that clarified things.”
The president is making threats, because the noose is getting tighter.

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Is it Treason? Trump gives Putin a Huge Helsinki Win

Listen now!

Is it Treason? Cup of Joe Politics Podcast
Joe Aguiar, Seth Blair, and Brian Forster tell you what matters in the news right now.
This week’s show can’t wait until Friday, the Trump Putin summit in Helsinki was an unmitigated disaster. Democrats universally condemned Trump, many Republicans have as well.. Here’s where things went completely off the rails.

Trump called the European Union a “foe”.
Trump has called the media “the enemy of the people”.
Trump congratulated Putin for winning his election earlier this year, a man who kills journalists at home & assassinates foes in Europe, just for putting on a soccer tournament.
Serious question, what would Trump be doing differently.. if he were actually a paid Russian agent? He’s finally good at something. Putin looked pleased.
Senator Mark Warner tweeted;
“The president of the united States sided with Vladimir Putin over the unanimous assessment of the American intelligence community,” Sen. Warner says.
Conservative Bill Cristol tweeted:
Putin won. America lost.
Trump’s own Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats released a STATEMENT
“The role of the Intelligence Community is to provide the best information and fact-based assessments possible for the President and policymakers. We have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling in the 2016 election…”

Here’s my question; why is he still in office? If only there were a way to chat

This week has already been rough. And it’s only Wednesday! You know that here on the show, we offer you the facts, and the fact is we have a President who talks out of both sides of his mouth. It gets difficult to keep things into a singular coherent message.

Luckily, through a stroke of good fortune, we have stumbled onto a device that can help make sense of our President’s stream of consciousness. Today, we proudly unveil our “Ultra Right Wing Magic Eightball!”

GOP Collusion Hearings stoop LOW and Trump hurts military servicemen, helps Putin’s Russia

GOP Collusion Hearings stoop LOW and Trump hurts military servicemen, helps Putin’s Russia

We look into a newly-killed program to help bolster America’s military and more on the SCOTUS pick Kavanaugh.

Joe Aguiar, Seth Blair, and Brian Forster tell you what matters in the news right now.

This Week’s Topics:

Conservative voice George Will ended his affiliation with the Republicans for their embracing of Donald Trump. If the president fails as badly during his summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, as he did in the summit with North Korea, the consequences could be catastrophic. The President is under investigation for colluding with Russia. Immigrant families now have to pay for DNA tests. A caged three year old had a court date this week. 
If “they shouldn’t have come here is your argument” you lost… at humanity. And you don’t represent American values.
Why would North Korea or Iran ever sign? I’m no expert, but I assume trust is pretty important. President Trump said he doubts the sexual abuse accusers at Ohio State and is siding with ally Jim Jordan. 
If Hillary Clinton is involved in a pedophile ring because of emails mentioning the word “pizza”… then there’s real evidence Jim Jordan protected a sexual abuser. Apparently only Democrats have to be held to this high standard. That’s the price you pay for being “tolerant”.
Who is Brett Kavanaugh? Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest, or MAVNI for short. George W. Bush.
NATO meeting in Brussels, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council. Most of us expected him to blow it in Brussles. He accused Germany of being “captive to Russia”. 64 percent to 18 percent, Americans surveyed in a Poll say the president DOES NOT have the power to pardon himself. GOP? 29% say he can; 45% say he can’t.
9% say they would support pardoning himself— including just 17 percent of Republicans.
I don’t care if you take the high road or the low road. I just care that you take the road that leads to your polling place on November 6th, 2018.

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The Violent Right gets ugly, but Dems better take it easy!!

Joe Aguiar, Seth Blair, and Brian Forster tell you what matters in the news right now.

This Week’s Topics:
Immigration, Child Separation, Migration, Children and Parents, and Open Borders with Mexico.
The violent right, the left and democrats taking it easy, and Seth was wrong!
The Charlie Sheen strategy and the republican party
Supreme Court and the Mighty Ducks

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The Red Hen Hypocrisy, Supreme Court Showdown, Tweet after Tweet after Tweet, and Trade War WINNING #MAGA

Joe Aguiar, Seth Blair, and Brian Forster tell you what matters in the news right now.

This Week’s Topics:
Truth & Lies
Harley Davidson
Supreme Court

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Trump rips kids from their parents, Space Force: separate but equal, and it’s all the Democrats fault!

Joe Aguiar, Seth Blair, and Brian Forster tell you what’s in the news.
President Trump had to deal with something he really doesn’t like: bad headlines. Detaining and separating kids from their parents at the border caused outrage on both sides of the aisle, and the president almost admitted he was wrong until he blamed the democrats.
Trump has $1.6 billion dollars as a down payment for the wall he’s promising. It’s not a fence. He toured several prototypes types for the most beautiful wall you’ve ever seen.. He even tweeted pictures, so the Border Wall has begun, right?
The US pulled out of the UN Human Rights Counsel after getting chastised for our border policy, and did the Inspector General’s report exonerate Trump in the Russian Collusion investigation, even Rudy Giuliani says no.
It’s the Cup of Joe Politics Podcast.
It’s time for Secretary Nielsen to resign. The government should be in the business of keeping families together, not tearing them apart. And with transparency and accountability.
A solution to the serious dilemma of space junk! Maybe. But it’s not. And it also won’t help prevent another asteroid from hitting the Earth. I thought NASA was our go-to for space stuff. The Air Force?
Nikki Haley has announced the U.S. is officially withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council. Haley cited the council’s failure to hold human rights abusers accountable and said the council “makes a mockery of human rights.”
Did you see Trump’s rally in Minnesota? Fox News proudly boasted that it was exclusively on their network as a result of the other news outlets ignoring the President. I now have a newfound appreciation for Jane Goodall. IG Horowitz admits the man running the Clinton investigation hated Trump.
What does Putin / Trump have on you Lindsey? When they hacked the RNC they must have some great dirt on most of the congressional republicans for them all to bow to Trump like this.
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Manafort JAILED, FBI cleared, and Fallout from North Korea

Joe Aguiar, Seth Blair, and Brian Forster tell you what matters in the news.

The Justice Department issued a rebuke to the FBI for its handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The report calls former FBI Director James Comey “insubordinate” and says his actions were “extraordinary.”

Trump is yet again insisting there was “No Collusion and No Obstruction of the fabricated No Crime” and is accusing Democrats of making up “a phony crime,” paying “a fortune to make the crime sound real,” and then “Collud(ing) to make this pile of garbage take on life in Fake News!”

Seth is going to dig in on the Trump Kim summit..
Brian will update us on DACA, plus, we’ll discuss the G7 summit and tell you what Americans really think about NFL players kneeling.

Assistance to Low-Income Communities Protect Social Security Asylum for Refugees Minimum Wage Improve Unemployment Benefits

We were just witness to the splendor of the Superb Singapore Summit. But do you even know what happened? Or what’s gonna happen next?

1) You’ve got Border Security.  BS for short. Aka Build the Wall!

2) What to do about DACA? Trump’s sunset clause terminates DACA next month.  This is likely the fault of the Collusionist Dems.

3) Getting rid of the “horrible” diversity visa lottery, which randomly gives access to visas to people from countries with low migration rates after a vetting process.

4) Lastly, ending family-based migration.  Otherwise known as the conservative curse word “chain migration.”

I suspect Michael Cohen was sick when the crime/fraud exception was taught in law school, but he’s learning about it now!!!
If Cohen admits he travelled to Prague or Italy in 2016 to pay off Russian hackers, that’s game, set, match. McClatchy reported a while back that Mueller has evidence of this. If Cohen comes clean, it’s over for Trump.

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Trump takes on the Eagles, Sam B and the C, and more with Manafort

Joe Aguiar, Seth Blair, and Brian Forster tell you what matters in the news right now.

Trump takes on the Eagles, Sam B and the C, and more with Manafort. How many times will Rudy Giuliani open his mouth?

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