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Mueller BOMBSHELLS Drop, Trump’s Team CRUMBLES, & REAL Voter Fraud

Last week we saw huge bombshells in the Mueller Probe. This week will see more of the same. The President is calling for the end of the Mueller investigation, but it’s just starting to get good. We’ll dig into that and I’ll show you the evidence you’ve been waiting for.

The new Democratic-controlled House of Representatives is coming in quick, so Trump is getting ready with another round of staff shake-ups. Brian Forster tells us Trump’s plan for his team. Only the best people, no doubt.

And we finally found evidence of voting fraud! But it’s not illegal immigrants… it’s a republican campaign that clearly broke the law with . Seth Blair has the latest out of North Carolina’s 9th district.

All that and more on this week’s Cup of Joe Politics Podcast. Grab a cup & Listen Up!!

The G-20 in Argentina, Mueller’s latest Moves, the 2020 Democratic lineup, and George H.W. Bush

President Trump continues to insist via Twitter that the Mueller Investigation is a witch hunt and hoax and should have never happened.

If Trump somehow survives this thing and runs in 2020, Seth Blair has the list of Democrats who could be next in line… if Trump hasn’t declared a dictatorship.

The President traveled to Argentina for the G-20, an interesting choice as host, and things went reasonably well. Brian Forster will give us a recap of a trip Donald Trump will no doubt refer to as “the best ever.”

Plus, the nation is mourning the passing of a great American, George H W Bush.

We’ve got all that and more on this week’s Cup of Joe Politics Podcast. So Grab a Cup & Listen Up!

Obama Judges are just Judges, the latest Climate Change report, and the final senate race of 2018

President Trump has been ranting at what he calls “Obama judges,” basically, judges that rule against him. I’ll get into the President’s verbal attack on Chief Justice John Roberts.

Mississippi Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith attended and graduated from a segregation academy that was set up so that white parents didn’t have to send their children to schools with black students.You can’t blame for her parents sending her to one of those schools, it was a different time, but you certainly can blame Cindy for sending HER daughter to one. Seth’s got the info on the last senate race of 2018.

And Donald Trump doesn’t doesn’t believe our intelligence agencies and most definitely doesn’t believe our Federal agencies’ climate report. He believes whatever he hears in his head that will be of financial benefit to himself. Brian will tell you the facts.

Republicans seem to want to inflict pain and suffering on their political opponents; Democrats want to make sure their political opponents have quality health care and educations, with income and job security, and a clean environment for themselves and their children and grandchildren… Yeah, it’s both sides… Grab a Cup & Listen Up!

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Meet the Mueller Meltdown – It’s here!

Fires, the First Amendment, Hope for Bipartisanship, Senate Games, and more!

Lindsey Graham once said if the Republicans nominated Trump they would get destroyed. They’re certainly on their way.

Trump is talking bipartisanship, is it possible? Seth Blair will give us the answer. The Republicans control the Senate. For now. Brian Forster will tell us which members of the GOP we have to watch for.

Plus, and I say this every week, the press is not the enemy of the people. Journalists are under attack and the White House is the biggest reason why. So Grab a Cup & Listen Up!

Trump snubs the Vets again, 2018 Midterm analysis, Constitutional Crisis Mode

Trump talks about how much he loves veterans, but has been quick to attack veterans who cross him… and he couldn’t be bothered with any Vets on Veterans Day. I’ll talk more about his continued disrespectful behavior.

Eric Ferron from the Cup of Joe Presents podcast The Eric Ferron Show is sitting in this week for Brian Forster, he’ll break down the big election night wins by Donald Trump… and why it might be bad for Republicans. Seth Blair will take a look at how Democrats did… and if it matters at all.

And another week, another Constitutional violation by President Trump, but this one could result in the often predicted Constitutional Crisis, I’ll tell you how close we really are to it.

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Here goes everything – The 2018 Midterm Elections

Election day is TOMORROW! We will be with you Tuesday night as the polls close to break it down and tell you whether to prepare for Trump’s Impeachment or the Handmaid’s Tale.

Seth Blair has an important message for our viewers about Tuesday.
Brian Forster is gonna tell us about a minor issue that is all the rage with the Right.

And you’ve heard about the very dangerous caravan filled with pedophiles, rapists, cheaters, and traitors, it’s a really angry mob, you might say, and it is headed to the election polls to vote Republican.

We’ll talk about all that, Trump’s election push, the Democrat’s chances, and so much more on this week’s Cup of Joe Politics Podcast.

The MAGA Bomber, American Terror… & November 6 is Election Day!

Federal authorities arrested Cesar Sayoc in connection with the suspected explosive packages sent to several prominent Democrats, and more specifically, to critics of the president.

The President says it’s not fair to blame him for the attempted bombings, and that it’s actually the media’s fault for going so hard on him in the first place. We’re just about a week away from the midterms. November 6. Your vote is really, really important this year. Seth with tell you what is going on. While we are predominantly a “blue state,” the race for governor is shaping up to go down to the wire. Brian will tell you what the candidates want you to know before you hit the polls.

Tax and Spend Republicans, Voter Suppression, and the Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Donald Trump and the Republicans have reacted to the gruesome murder of Jamal Kashoggi like we figured they would. They say he’s not a real American, he’s a Muslim, it’s a Turkish problem, we don’t know who did it, could have been anyone… maybe a 400 pound guy living in his mom’s basement. Trump does a lot of business with the Saudis – they don’t want to mess that up. The Republican party went from tolerating Trump, to covering for Trump, to getting completely behind Trump and propping him up. And that’s why we talk through it every week on this show. It’s not hate. It’s disappointment.

Brian Forster will tell us why Trump and Kushner can’t afford to deal severely with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and it has nothing to do with diplomacy.

Plus, Republicans are always talking about voter fraud, but the real issue is voter suppression. Seth Blair will report on that and how it could impact this year’s election.

We’ve got all that and more, on this week’s Cup of Joe Politics Podcast.

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Trump does a good thing?! But Melania wades into the swamp as Nikki Haley Resigns

By now, you know we don’t just regurgitate talking points here. We also don’t hate Trump just to hate Trump. We just think he hasn’t done a good job. You can point to the economy, but that’s about to blow up.. and even First Lady Melania has earned some hate after revealing some dishonesty of her own. Brian Foster will tell us about something good the President did, then ruined. Seth Blair will tell us something bad the President did that got way worse, and I’ll tell you who the president has his eye on for a key position.. We’ve got all that and more, on this week’s Cup of Joe Politics Podcast.

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Kavanaugh’s Confirmation: The Fallout and the Effect on the 2018 Midterms

Thank you for listening to the Cup of Joe Politics Podcast on October 8th, 2018 hosted by Joe Aguiar, joined as always by Seth Blair and Brian Forster.

Kavanaugh's Confirmation: The Fallout and the Effect on the 2018 Midterms
Susan Collins solidified the vote for then Judge, now Justice Kavanaugh. What does Dr. Ford think as Trump congratulates Susan Collins?

The NY Times dropped a bombshell report about tax fraud by the Trump family dating back to the President’s father Fred, who didn’t just give his son a small $1 million dollar loan. Trump actually got $400 Million from his dad. All I got from my dad was morals, values, and manners.. and told to alway tell the truth. Seth will tell us what the NY Times is investigating and what it means for the president.

When Sarah Sanders was asked about the president viciously mocking Dr Ford being sexually assaulted and she responded.. “Everything he said was factually true.” It’s wasn’t.
How is Sarah Sanders, whose father is Mike Huckabee and whose brother murdered a dog, still the worst person in her family? Brian Forster will give us a look into the future of the swing vote Senators.. who all knew how they were voting before the limited FBI investigation.

Plus, Lindsay Graham, fresh of his huge victory over survivors of sexual assault, called Brett Kavanaugh the “slut whore drunk” in this rape scenario.. apparently every rape has to have one.. that’s crazy.. because according to the GOP, the women either ask for it or are making false allegations. The Republican Party has hit some new lows.

We’ve got all that and more, on this week’s Cup of Joe Politics Podcast. Grab a Cup and Listen Up!