Another Famous Trump Shutdown, Border Wall Woes, & Mad Dog Runs Off

How is possible that there isn’t a law to stop a President, who’s an un-indicted co-conspirator in a felony campaign fraud case, under investigation for conspiring with a foreign power to undermine our democracy, and of obstructing that investigation, from shutting down the government?

If Trump is taking orders from Putin, this government may never re-open.

I’ll tell you the latest on the Mueller investigation and why this shutdown helps the president.. for now.

Illegal border crossings are at a 46-year low. So as usual, Trump is ignoring facts to appeal to the irrational fears and toxic bigotry of his base. Seth Blair will get into the Border Wall and why the entire shutdown hinges on $5 billion dollars that will act as down payment until Mexico ponies up. Right

The President has been losing his mind on Twitter, but only one tweet about the Trump Foundation being forced to shut down because of rampant corruption… sort of like the government… Brian Forster has more on that.

And General James Mad Dog Mattis resigned as Secretary of Defense, and then got fired after he became the latest member of the administration to roast Trump on his way out the door, we’ve got those stories and more on this week’s Cup of Joe Politics Podcast.