Obama Judges are just Judges, the latest Climate Change report, and the final senate race of 2018

President Trump has been ranting at what he calls “Obama judges,” basically, judges that rule against him. I’ll get into the President’s verbal attack on Chief Justice John Roberts.

Mississippi Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith attended and graduated from a segregation academy that was set up so that white parents didn’t have to send their children to schools with black students.You can’t blame for her parents sending her to one of those schools, it was a different time, but you certainly can blame Cindy for sending HER daughter to one. Seth’s got the info on the last senate race of 2018.

And Donald Trump doesn’t doesn’t believe our intelligence agencies and most definitely doesn’t believe our Federal agencies’ climate report. He believes whatever he hears in his head that will be of financial benefit to himself. Brian will tell you the facts.

Republicans seem to want to inflict pain and suffering on their political opponents; Democrats want to make sure their political opponents have quality health care and educations, with income and job security, and a clean environment for themselves and their children and grandchildren… Yeah, it’s both sides… Grab a Cup & Listen Up!

Grab a Cup & Listen Up!