John McCain, Trump’s Flipping Friends, Mexican Trade Walls

Lots going on this week. Here’s just a few topics from today’s packed show…

Senator McCain’s Passing: Arizona Senator John McCain passed away last Saturday at the age of 81. He was famously a POW in Vietnam, and despite the fact he was offered an early release, he refused until all the other men held with him were also freed. The White House had reportedly prepared remarks for the president honoring McCain. We discuss what really happened.

Trump’s Flipping Friends: One thing Trump said in a Fox and Friend’s interview that no one mentioned… He said he had lots of friends who’d been involved with flipping…. Who knows anyone that’s been flipped on or who flipped? Only a criminal would have friends like that.

The Mexican Border Wall: Trump guaranteed Mexico would pay for it. There is a 14 minute PLUS montage on YouTube of all of the times he said he make them pay for it and sometime he even suggested Mexico would like it. They aren’t going to.

NAFTA, err, the Mexican-American Trade Agreement: This deal isn’t much different from NAFTA, except that it doesn’t include Canada. Yet. Agricultural products are still not subject to tariffs and there isn’t a renegotiation after 5 years, although we know our President just takes these agreements as suggestions. I don’t think he will tear this deal up, because it’s got his name on it. Therefore it is tremendous. Many people are already saying it is the greatest deal ever negotiated.

All that and SO much more on this week’s Cup of Joe Politics Podcast.

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